Project 7


The Alexander Basic School Construction project entailed the construction of a 1,296-square-foot wooden schoolhouse with corrugated metal roof and concrete foundation, complete with three classrooms, an office, a sick bay, a kitchen, sanitation facilities, and a fenced-in playground with equipment. The classrooms were appropriately furnished and the kitchen equipped with a stove and a refrigerator.

This project directly benefited three teachers and 45 early childhood education students who were attending school in an old wooden school house with a leaky roof, gaping holes in the siding, serious cracks in the concrete floor and no electricity.

The school was ordered closed immediately by the Ministry of Education due to the unsafe conditions of the building. Our partner Food for the Poor offered to build a new school building that summer before the next school year if we would commit to covering the expenses. Eight 4 World Hope made the verbal commitment and the school was fully built within 3 months. The school cost $54,064 and we are proud to say is one of the first schools in all of Jamaica to offer night school for parents who often have no education themselves and cannot help their children with the most basic homework.



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