Project 6

Davis Primary School

Davis Primary School was built in 1973 as a gift to Jamaica from the Canadian Government. Meant to educate 200 children, it held 737 children by the time we saw it for the first time due to population growth and other schools closing in the area. It was slated for closure next year due to the excessive needs and overcrowding of the dilapidated building. The pit latrines were in such poor condition that sewage seeped up to the grounds around the school during heavy rains forcing it to close for days at a time. The severe overcrowding resulted in children sitting on the floor of the classrooms due to lack of chairs and desks. The teaching staff was so committed to getting children an education that they endured great difficulties and discomforts trying their best to teach in deplorable conditions.

Upon seeing the situation, Eight 4 World Hope committed to build 3 separate classroom buildings allowing up to 1000 children to attend the school comfortably. Upon our commitment to the school and our past proven successes, the Jamaican Government committed to fix the sewage issues immediately understanding we would take care of the rest.

It has been our largest undertaking to date at a cost of $163,000. We completed our funding within three years building three separate school classroom buildings and a separate guidance office building which allows privacy for students, parents and teachers to discuss various issues. Due to the great need, we actually built a separate classroom building each year as we continued fundraising efforts until fully funded.



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