Project 3

High House Basic School

Following the success of our first two projects, our third endeavor was a new primary school in McCooks Pen, Jamaica. The children in this community were attending school in what could only be described as a shack in the midst of a cemetery with gaping holes in the walls and ceiling, a kitchen which consisted of a hot plate stove connected to a propane tank and a sanitation “facility” tacked onto the side of the building that was inadequate, unsafe, and unsanitary. The school conditions were so poor that it faced closure unless a completely new one could be built, and we are thrilled that we were able to help.

The new High House Basic School, dedicated in February 2013, has a small kitchen to ensure that the children have a hot meal during the day, a computer lab and counseling area, as well as sanitation facilities, which many families do not have available at home. Better yet, it is enclosed by a fence to keep the children safe from the nearby road, and it has a play area that allows students to just be children. As with our previous projects, the facility was constructed in partnership with Food for the Poor, using local labor, helping other members of the community to improve their economic conditions and standards of living.

This was our most ambitious project to date and even made the front page of the national newspaper of Jamaica, “The Observer”.  THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for helping us to create a safe, secure learning environment for the children in McCooks Pen.


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