Our Current Project

Marie Cole Memorial Primary School

Our Current project involves easing the overcrowding at Marie Cole Memorial Primary School in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, by constructing a new and wholesome school building for them.

This project is being established to construct a new three-classroom school building that will include a rainwater harvesting system. In addition, desks and chairs will be provided for the students.

The classrooms at Marie Cole Memorial Primary School are over capacity, and teachers have resorted to holding classes on the school’s covered walkways and in an old, rusty, dilapidated bus.  The school also lacks a proper supply of water which must be purchased and brought in via truck.

The additional classrooms will benefit the current 223 students as well as the 40 who can return after being dismissed from the school after the bus was taken out of use by order of the Ministry of Education due to safety concerns. Easing their discomfort and promoting a more conducive learning environment, a total of 105 students will be able to take advantage of the new classrooms offering a better opportunity to learn in a proper environment. Total Project Cost: $60,373.77




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