Project 4

Planter’s Hall All Age and Infant School

Our fourth project may seem small in scope, but it means the world to the community of Planters Hall, St. Catherine, Jamaica. Planter’s Hall All Age & Infant School had been ordered closed by the Jamaica Ministry of Education because the school’s pit latrine was deemed unsafe. The previous latrine/outhouse was built in 1968, and the community could not afford to repair or replace it on their own. If the school had closed, the 186 children who attended school at Planter’s Hall would have lost the only school that they had in their community. Without it, they would have been forced to take a taxi or find transportation to the next closest school, or more likely, not attend school classes at all.

Thanks to you and your support, Eight 4 World Hope was able to fund new bathrooms with a septic system, flushing toilets, and sinks with running water, things that each of us takes for granted in our daily lives. We couldn’t have helped keep the doors at Planter’s Hall open without your help. THANK YOU!



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