Project 5

St. Theresa’s All Age School

Our fifth project was to repair and renovate a school in the rural farming community of Mount Friendship, Jamaica. St. Theresa’s All Age School sits at the top of a hill, with no adequate roads leading to it. Established over a century ago, its mission is to ensure that all children from grades 1 to 6 receive a quality education and development of skills that will prepare them for the next educational level. The school is at capacity right now, with 112 children, and an estimated 40 or 50 more who want to attend but simply cannot due to a lack of space. The classrooms are so crowded with desks and students that there is no room to walk. On top of that, when Hurricane Sandy passed through in 2012, the school sustained damage that has yet to be repaired.

Some of our group members visited the school in 2013, and were disheartened by the conditions. When they arrived, all they could see was an incredible need. The teachers, students, and parents, on the other hand, saw nothing but tremendous hope – from OUR group. Thanks to our supporters, we have answered their prayers by fully funding a school expansion project that will provide the students and teachers of St. Theresa’s a safe, comfortable environment in which to learn every day. It was dedicated in May of 2014, we are excited help children eager to learn, grow, and have their own hopes for a bright future. As always, thank you for your support. Together, we have and will continue to accomplish great things!


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